Private residence in Moshav HaBonim, Hof HaCarmel // a collaboration with interior decorator Hilit Karsh // lot area 500 sqm // built area 250 sqm

On the border of the fabulous Ha'Bonim Nature Reserve, we had the opportunity to plan a private residence, which lives, breathes and views the sea from every angle, the house of interior decorator Hilit Karsh.The house is situated on a lot which rises from the street level and has a frontal view to the sea. The upper level consists of the whole living area – public spaces and bedrooms, while the lower street level inhabits the owner's studio, an interior decorator by profession. The decision to “step up” from the street level was intended, of course, to maximize the views from the site, hence placing an immediate challenge before us, regarding the connections between the interior spaces of the house and its outdoor areas. In order to maintain the feeling and the obvious advantages of a house on the ground, the land in the northern part of the lot was raised to the height of the upper floor. Along with a large terrace facing west situated on top of the studio, and the natural height of the ground in the eastern part of the lot, a substantial amount of diverse outdoor spaces was attained along most of the house's parameter on this floor. Having located the main entrance to the house on the upper floor, we now had to attend the issue of 'the ascent' to the house. Meticulous panning of the views and attention to interesting details along the way create a certain 'diversion' while ascending. The entrance door, located at the center of the south facade, clearly divides the volume in two, thus stepping directly into the main axis of the house, moving along the line from east morning light to afternoon sunsets. Big sliding doors, framed by gentle aluminum profiles, are located along the facades of the living, dining and kitchen areas, letting the sea invade the public domain of the house with its dramatic presence. And if this is not enough, the client also chose to cover the one wall in the kitchen with a mirror, thus creating another (virtual) seafront in the east...s

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