2009 / HaBonim

Private Residence in Moshav HaBonim, Hof HaCarmel // lot area 200 sqm // built area 200 sqm

This beautifully located sea-view residence had an unusual twist to it. The amount of windows we could use was predetermined by a construction contract which preceded the design. At times it felt as though we were playing with a 'lego' kit with given pieces, planning the house around its windows. Naturally, the majority of windows were placed on the west façade allowing an undisturbed panoramic view, while other windows were carefully positioned in order to capture single framed views, as in a snapshot. The clients' distinct preference for minimalist design lead to the creation of a clean free-floating white oblong, serving all the family needs on one level. The lower level of the house serves as an independent guest room, enjoying the same incredible view as well as complete privacy from the house above.

interior design