2013 / Eshbol

Private residence in Eshbol, The Negev // lot area 500 sqm // built area 190 sqm

This residence is a spread out single story house facing flat desert lands; a white house set in reddish-brown open scenery; A private, custom made dream house, planned by its owner to be ready for her retirement.The architectural plan of the house reflects its owner's state of mind at this stage in life – the kids have left home, leisure time has expanded, the grandchildren visit often, herein the perfect 'excuse' for a spacious, pampering and inviting home. The relatively large scale interiors clearly give preference to spaciousness as opposed to multiplicity of functions. A built pergola along the rear facade of the house shades the openings of the living and dining areas. Windows from floor to ceiling allow the desert to penetrate the depth of the house beyond the turquoise of the pool. A 12 meter long hidden window, placed at the top of the south wall of the public area, imbues filtered light into the living room, and enhances air flow and ventilation. All the openings in this house enjoy outdoor louver shades, which enable the user to control the amount of exposure to the sun and the angle in which light penetrates the interiors. As a cooling balancing motif amidst the desert atmosphere, the house is enriched by water elements. A swimming pool and an ornamental pool are both integrated into the building scheme in a way that allows them to be experienced from the interior as well as the exterior. The swimming pool is kept clean by an ecological filtering system, while its water is heated by solar panels situated on the roof. The palette of colors and materials of which the house is assembled is elementary and limited – white walls, black metal elements, plenty of glass and focused touches of wood create a clear picture of the house against the local setting.

interior design